Construction — Commercial

With almost limitless design flexibility, aluminum extrusions enable sophisticated design features and labor-saving functionality to be readily incorporated into building components. Add the ability to achieve a wide range of decorative finishes via either anodizing or coating with high-performance architectural paints and the environmental benefit of a material that can be readily recycled without loss of properties, and it is clear why extrusions find wide use in the commercial construction environment.


You'll find aluminum extrusions in:

  • Windows & Doors (including hurricane & blast resistant)
  • Curtain Wall
  • Skylights/Rotundas
  • Store Front Systems
  • Atriums & Observatories
  • Canopies & Archways
  • Sun Shades & Louvers
  • Interior partitions & furniture systems
  • ... and many more applications

AEC has recently prepared an extensive presentation of extrusion applications & performance in commercial construction:

  • To access the presentation, click here
  • For an on-line seminar, eligible for CEU, visit AEC Daily the largest provider of free on-line continuing education to architects & other construction professionals.

For more on aluminum extrusions' contribution to achieving LEED rated projects, click here.

Images: Kawneer/Traco, The Vistawall Group