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Committees, Team and Task Forces
Countless AEC volunteers provide their time and talent to the Aluminum Extruders Council, its committees, and the industry; they are the lifeblood and moral compass of AEC. Recently, AEC announced a new organizational structure that better aligns with AEC's strategic goals.

AEC offers a number of Benchmarking tools, in the form of periodic membership surveys.


  • Academic Outreach Presentation "Designing to the Limits" — Please note this is a large file and may take a few minutes to download. When prompted, please select Save from the dialog box.

  • Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
    The Aluminum Extruders Council provides members with a number of benefits, including marketing opportunities at an affordable cost. For 2015, AEC members have the unique opportunity to raise their profile in various publications and venues with advertising and sponsorship opportunities - some never before offered. Reach the audience you want at a price that fits your budget.

    Download the 2015 AEC Media Guide

    2015 B&C Industry Promotion Webinar Sponsrship Form

    April 2015 Webinar Sponsorship Form

  • Aluminum Extrusion Manual - Providing valuable information for customers and AEC members alike, the AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual is a must-have resource for every aluminum extrusion industry professional's library. Visit to view the Manual online, or click here to download the PDF version - exclusively available to AEC members only to share with staff and customers (warning: large file; may take several minutes to download).

  • Buyers' Guide - The AEC Buyers' Guide is a great resource for members. It is considered the all-inclusive AEC member directory, containing contact information for all member types, including Extruder, Supplier and Producer members. Visit to access the Buyers' Guide online or request one or more printed copies here.

  • Consultants Directory — See a list, including cross-reference, of industry consultants who want members of the industry to be aware of their availability.

  • essentiAls
    Peruse this report in its entirety for current events and significant topics.

  • Leads & Inquiries — View lead and inquiry lists from various conferences where AEC has participated or from various webinars AEC has produced.

  • Member Logos — Tap membership-related items, including the AEC Member logo, with accompanying usage guidelines.
  • Promoting AEC's B&C Course — Directions, message and graphics to use when sending information about the AEC's B&C course to your customers and other interested partners.
  • Washington Report
    Read the monthly report from Washington to stay apprised of critical issues.