Perhaps you have a concept for a component and are looking for guidance on how best to execute it in an aluminum extrusion, or with an extrusion-based assembly.

Here you will find an overview of the extrusion process. You will also find practical guidelines on alloy selection, dies, tolerances, and how to optimize extrusion performance while creating the functionality you desire.

There is also a wealth of information on how that component can be created using a variety of fabrication techniques, including machining, welding, bending and adhesive bonding, and on finishing your component to get the desired appearance and durability. Finally there is a section on thermal management if you need to separate hot and cold zones. The material presented represents the combined experience of AEC member companies. Yet there is no substitute for sitting down with an extrusion professional and reviewing your specific needs. Use Find an Extruder to find an extruder near you.