What is it?

Industrial Jewelry

Called Eve and launched during Stockholm Design Week, these bracelets are made by twisting aluminum as it leaves the die and slicing the extrusion in an irregular manner. The technique allows unique objects to be created from a manufacturing process normally used to make identical extruded products such as window frames.

By rotating the raw extrusion and at the same time cutting it at different angles, a large number of bracelets with varying dimensions can be made. In addition, several variations for the surface treatments are used (like anodizing) to give the bracelets different finish characters. Despite the fact that the manufacturing process is entirely industrial and the raw material is formed using a single die, the result is a jewelry series where each piece (bracelet) is unique.

Aluminum is very durable, so, it will not wear out. But, if the owner ever gets tired of the bracelet, it is completely recyclable.

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