Academic Resources

AEC has a variety of programs designed to educate students about the aluminum extrusion process, applications and benefits and to stimulate innovative design with aluminum extrusions.

  • Publications: A number of resources are available to help you discover the many applications and advantages of aluminum extrusions. Check out the AEC Library here.

  • Presentations: AEC has extensive presentation material on the extrusion process, extrusion applications, and designing with extrusions that has been specifically organized for student audiences. Such material can be incorporated into course materials; often, AEC members are available to present extrusion material and dialogue with design and engineering students. Contact AEC to arrange course presentations.

  • Webinars: AEC has conducted a number of webinars focused on a variety of extrusion application markets. From general extrusion design to designing for specific application markets, the webinars are aimed at educating engineers and designers on the advantages of and practical considerations for designing with aluminum extrusions. The educational presentations are available to view 24/7; to see the list of webinars available to view, visit the Webinars page.

  • Technology Conferences: Every 4 years AEC holds ET, the leading international extrusion technology conference. In 2012, over 1400 delegates from countries met in Miami. Over 110 papers, covering topics ranging from press practices to finishing to new market applications, were presented. The Proceedings of ET 2012, as well as prior ET's are available for purchase. ET 2016 will next be held in 2016 at a location to be determined.

  • Facility tours: Many AEC member extruders welcome student tours of their facilities. Contact AEC to organize a visit to an extruder in your area.

  • Design Competition/scholarships: Each year AEC, in conjunction with the ET (Extrusion Technology) Foundation, conducts a student extrusion design competition, with a top scholarship award of $3000.

Technical Session
at ET 2012

2011 Student Design Competition winner
"window blind" garage door