AEC Academy

Through the AEC Academy, the Business Excellence Steering Committee enhances the visibility of AEC educational offerings while showcasing the indispensable industry programming only offered through the Council. Educational content offered through AEC provides resources for members to continuously improve and excel in their profession as well expand their operations and promote the industry. The full content of AEC Academy educational offerings are only available to AEC members.

The purpose of AEC Academy is to:


  • Refocus and expand AEC educational offerings for our members. 
  • Make certain that the AEC members understand what is available for their teams; the Council provides unparalleled industry education, unavailable to non-members
  • Provide extensive offerings in various effective delivery methods to AEC members while producing more limited offerings to external parties for industry promotion purposes (either directly or via members)
  • Encourage continued membership and provide enticements for non-members (extruders, suppliers and producers) to join AEC by providing "teaser" educational offerings.


The educational content and delivery methods of the AEC Academy will help AEC members excel in the industry, continuously improve business operations and provide resources to help expand as well as promote the industry itself.  AEC is a training resource for you and your colleagues - from the Executive Suite to the extrusion plant floor and everyone in between.

AEC Academy incorporates all of the AEC Tech webinars and all in-person meetings including the Annual Meeting, Management Conference, Die Performance Clinic, Press Maintenance Workshop, Press Optimization Workshop and much more!


Take 5 Plus Webinars
For the first time, AEC Supplier and Producer members are able to offer educational content to AEC members while also providing company-specific information, i.e. commercial content.


The two primary goals of these Take 5 Plus webinars are to provide practical information and education to aluminum extruders while also providing our supplier and producer members access to a large number of customers and potential customers at NO cost, other than their time. Only AEC Supplier and Producer members will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Providing supplier/producer-driven webinars is similar in concept to the popular "Take 5" presentations given at the AEC fall meetings; but webinars will allow for much more time to go into depth on each topic.


AEC believes this is a great opportunity for supplier and producer members as well as extruder members, who will have even greater access to critical information through these webinars. Suppliers and producers will be able to present more detailed company specific information and webinar attendees will be able to schedule their attendance to those sessions providing critical information to them, allowing for an efficient exchange of information and ensuring that attendees are not "turned off" by any focus on a specific supplier or producer - in fact, they will expect it!


To take part in this new opportunity, down the AEC Take 5 Plus webinar submission form and submit it to AEC Headquarters at