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The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition is open to students studying design, engineering, or related field. You must be enrolled in a college, university, technical school or high school to participate in the competition.

Scholarships totaling $8,500 may be awarded.

Entries are due no later than Monday, April 6, 2015.

Download the 2015 Call for Entries
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Winning designs will be awarded with scholarships presented as cash prizes to the best student designs submitted.

Scholarship Awards

Winning entries will be eligible for the following scholarship awards:

   First Place $3,000
   Second Place $2,000
   Third Place $1,000
   Sustainable Design $2,500

Sustainable Design Award

In addition to the First-, Second-, and Third-Place Awards, the Sustainable Design Award will be presented to the student entry that, in addition to meeting the four basic ET Foundation Design Competition criteria, best addresses societal and/or environmental concerns. The entry must be a viable extrusion-based product that meets the demands of the environment while contributing to the quality of life for its intended users. Examples would be a device that helps a third-world farmer increase crop yields with less labor or an item that facilitates daily living for the handicapped or elderly. Past winning entries have included portable modular housing for refugees, a mobile sediment pond barrier, a portable salmon ladder, a thermoelectric device, and a sleek traffic light post.

Interested student applicants should indicate that they are seeking consideration for the Sustainable Design Award on the Design Competition Entry Form and explain, in their written brief, how their entry meets the criteria.

For complete competition rules and entry details click here.

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Instructors: Incorporate the Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition into Your Curriculum

The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition provides an excellent opportunity to teach your students design techniques while exposing them to the material advantages of aluminum and benefits of designing with extruded aluminum. Incorporating the Design Competition into your curriculum provides an excellent teaching opportunity while offering students a real-world experience in product design. And, the opportunity for students to earn scholarship money is always a strong motivator.

The competition is intended to enlighten students studying engineering, design, and architecture about the superior advantages of extruded aluminum profiles.

Aluminum's favorable strength-to-weight ratios, the flexibility of numerous alloys, and the unsurpassed advantages of the extrusion process, including the ability to design to close tolerances, make aluminum extrusion the material process of choice.

Learn more about designing with aluminum extrusions

View and download a classroom presentation specifically created to help instructors and students understand the many advantages that designing with aluminum extrusions offers.

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