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Directory of Industry Consultants

The Directory of Industry Consultants was compiled using the results of a survey conducted by members of the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC). In addition, some entries were submitted by consultants who wished to make members aware of their availability.

Using the Directory
In all cases, users are urged to request and check references. Entries are alphabetical by firm name or the individual's last name. For convenience, a cross-reference section has been created by area of specialty. To submit names of additional consultants for future updates, please contact

Alphabetical Listing

Area of Specialty Cross-Reference

Area of Specialty

Within the alphabetical listing, the specialty areas listed below each individual or firm name have been selected by the member or consultant making the submission. AEC has not attempted to validate the area of specialty or any other information contained in this Directory.

DSGN: Product Design
ENGY: Energy
EPA/ENV: Environmental Protection Agency / Environmental
FNCL: Financial
MFG: Manufacturing (generally, extrusion-related)
MTLG: Metallurgy
OSHA: Occupational Health & Safety Administration
QLTY: Quality
T & D: Tool & Die
TRANS: Department of Transportation

The Directory of Industry Consultants is intended strictly as a guide containing contact information of firms and individuals who may be able to assist with addressing a wide range of critical issues from EPA to OSHA to tooling and manufacturing. AEC does not certify or endorse, either directly or indirectly, any consultant listed in this Directory. AEC makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained herein, and AEC assumes no responsibility or liability regarding such information, or in connection with the omission of any consultant from the Directory.